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Emily Bauman

"As a non-model being photographed by this mega talent I wasn’t sure how the photo session would go. But Riccardo’s gentle heart and quiet confidence immediately put me at ease. We not only produced pure art together that made people go "wow"  - we also had some great chats and ultimately became friends! Shooting with Riccardo is a great experience I highly recommend."



"Me and Riccardo did an artistic nude shoot and when I tell you I was impress with his level of professionalism and confident in himself as well as his artistic eye I mean you don’t find that a lot it’s rare. Riccardo is a natural when it comes to His vision he knows exactly what he’s looking for and he gets it, I love that about him. I felt extremely comfortable around him. he’s professional in all areas and very creative, thank you Riccardo for creating with me I truly look forward to working with you again. It will be a pleasure and an honor."



Krisna Chatelain

"Being a part of Riccardo’s work is a complete experience filled with overwhelming emotions of fear and excitement. He has a vision but lets you be the muse, which creates a sense of extreme confidence and trust between model and photographer. I’ll do it a thousand times again."